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Affinity CU goes digital with eDOC Innovations
October 30, 2017

Affinity Credit Union, based in Des Moines, IA, has partnered with eDOC Innovations to utilize its mobile digital transaction management platform, mDTM®, eDOCSignature, which is deeply integrated into the core data processing system, CU*BASE®, provided by CU*Answers. “Affinity Credit Union is incredibly excited to partner with both CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations,” stated Affinity Credit Union […]

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eDOC volunteers for HOPE
October 3, 2017

eDOC Innovations returned to HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects) for the second time this year to process locally donated produce and help improve the lives of low income people in their community. eDOC staff peeled and chopped 50 pounds of apples and 120 pounds of squash that will be frozen and distributed during the winter […]

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Two CUSOs Are Better Than One
August 17, 2017

CUProdigy, a CUSO that provides cloud-based core data processing solutions, and eDOC Innovations, a CUSO that provides digital transaction management and related technologies, today announced a partnership to strengthen the technology they’re able to jointly offer credit unions. “We believe that CUSO-to-CUSO collaboration is the key to bringing greater value to credit unions,” said eDOC […]

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Share One and eDOC Innovations Partner Up to Offer a Cooperative Value
August 14, 2017

Share One, a leading CUSO core processing software developer for credit unions announced today a new partnership with eDOC Innovations, a CUSO specializing in mobile enterprise digital transaction management. Share One’s core software, NewSolutions provides a robust, SQL and Windows-based platform serving a growing client base of credit unions nationwide. In addition to their trusted […]

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Executive Exchange with eDOC and AVCU
August 14, 2017

Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations, recently met with Joe Bergeron, President of the Association of Vermont Credit Unions (AVCU) for an executive exchange to discuss the technology challenges that credit unions face to meet member needs for immediate satisfaction in a convenience-oriented society, all while still maintaining their philosophical roots as a […]

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17 Years Later: Still Using Wet Ink?
July 18, 2017

June 30, 2017 marked the 17th anniversary of legislation passing the Electronic Signature and Global & National Commerce Act (ESIGN) signed by President Bill Clinton. On June 30, 2000, the ESIGN Act was put into law enabling electronic signatures legal acceptance for inter-state and foreign commerce; and in 2010, Congress decreed June 30th as National […]

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CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations add 43 Mobile RDC Clients within 6 months
July 5, 2017

The CU*Answers Item Processing team, working with eDOC Innovations, have successfully implemented 43 new Mobile RDC clients within the first 6 months of 2017. eDOC Innovations manages the technology for backend processing, archiving and transmitting the image files to a variety of designated clearing houses. The role of the Item Processing team is to facilitate […]

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eDOC Steps-It-Up for Charity
June 23, 2017

In the spirit of CUSO collaboration, eDOC Innovations and CU*Answers walked for charity in a five-week step challenge culminating in June. Together, staff members from both CUSOs walked more than ten million steps, or five thousand miles, and raised $785 for the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) in Vermont. Tristan Kiel, software developer […]

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Alabama Law Enforcement CU Loving eDOCSignature®
May 31, 2017

When Alabama Law Enforcement CU began their Member Vacation Campaign this month, they employed eDOCSignature® to support their efforts. ALLECU’s management team acknowledged that members often had difficulty visiting the branch to sign for their Member Vacation flat fee, no credit check loan and offered online applications with e-sign capability. Utilizing eDOCSignature®, this Birmingham, Alabama […]

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Pinnacle CU Adopts eDOCSignature®
May 11, 2017

Pinnacle Credit Union, in Atlanta, GA, recently adopted eDOCSignature® to provide convenient e-signing capabilities to their 9,000 members. eDOCSignature, the e-signature platform in eDOC Innovations’ mobile enterprise digital transaction management suite (mDTM®), provides a secure, compliant e-signature platform for both remote and in-branch document signing for credit unions and their members. “We have really enjoyed […]

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