eDOC and Chatter Yak! Partner on Social Media Collaboration

OSHKOSH, WI – February 19, 2015 Through a deal signed last week, the northeast Wisconsin-based marketing agency, Chatter Yak! will begin handling social media and public relations for eDOC Innovations over the course of the next year. Chatter Yak! has received national attention for the success of its innovative, cost-effective marketing campaigns, achievements to count […]

CU*Answers Offers Imaging Software Release Management

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – February 9, 2015 For credit unions on the CU*BASE® core processing platform from CU*Answers that also have an in-house imaging solution from Middlebury, Vermont CUSO eDOC Innovations, CU*Answers is offering a new service providing tailored software releases for their imaging solution. Although there are many imaging solutions vendors available for credit […]

eDOC Alert: 2015 License Codes Available

Annual software license codes for 2015 are now available for DocLogic users!  System administrators can request updated license codes at:

eDOC Innovations’ Client Development team is in the process of contacting users to verify administrators have requested new license …