Our Client Stories

Peter Barnard, CEO, rkGoBig CUSO

“As credit unions, we typically do not have the resources to put a branch on every corner.  For our group of six credit unions, our ability to serve members through distance banking is critical to our growth. Mobile remote deposit capture and eDOCSignature are critical pieces in our mobile strategy. They are ‘sticky solutions’ that help us to draw in new members and keep our members with us in a competitive market.”

Alabama Law Enforcement Credit Union
Haley Davis, Loan Officer, Alabama Law Enforcement Credit Union

“I absolutely love it!” It has been a big help this week when we started our vacation promo. eDOCSignature® is helping us get the loans processed quicker without the in-and-out traffic our branch is used to. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is a life saver! My members love the fact they can sign whenever, wherever without visiting the branch. Also, the service we get from eDOC is awesome. They have always answered my questions and concerns within 15 minutes.”

Share One partners with eDOC Innovations
Teri Van Frank, President/CEO, Share One, Inc

“Credit Unions are challenged to offer secure, on-the-go solutions which deliver the greatest return on investment. eDOC’s eDOCSignature and image management capabilities paired with our  products expand the remote services that credit unions can provide for their members,”

Kyle Parker, IT Manager/Security Officer, Alpine Credit Union

“eDOCSignature has been a great solution for our members. They find it easy and simple to use. Employees also find the simplicity of it wonderful as it makes sending a document electronically so easy.  I would recommend eDOCSignature to anyone in search of a simple, easy to use electronic document solution.”

prospera credit union
Lori Parker, IT Manager, Prospera Credit Union

“The adoption of eDOCSignature is part of our strategic plan to find products that offer a lot of feature sets.”

Monroe Country Community Credit Union
Lori Marsh, Lending Manager, Monroe County Community Credit Union

“I like the ability to automate the workflow between departments.  eDOC will save us time and paper (forests of trees)!  Also, it will preserve member confidentiality and safeguard their information since paper is not being created and can easily be discarded, lost or stolen.”

Sean Holcomb, COO, FLEX Credit Union Technology

“The FLEX investment and commitment to building state of the art application programming interface (API) solutions for credit unions is bolstered by our relationship with eDOC Innovations. With FLEX and eDOC, credit unions have a seamless, paperless and fully digital ‘lead-to-close’ experience for loan officers and MSR’s.”

Materion Credit Union
Amy Bomer, Loan Manager, Materion Federal Credit Union

“We are using the product [eDOCSignature] and I love it. I send many loan documents out that way now even if the member is local and can come in.”

Pinnacle Credit Union
Matthew Cook, VP Consumer Lending, Pinnacle Credit Union

“We’ve really enjoy using eDOCSignature so far. It’s great to have the ability to upload it directly into our idocVault. Members tend to like it too since we only have two branches.”

Cheney Federal Credit Union
Lynn Mount, COO, Cheney Federal Credit Union

“I like [eDOCSignature] a lot – very simple.”

Ripco Credit Union
Karen Piehl, Vice President of Operations, Ripco Credit Union

“Mobile driven solutions are becoming more and more the must-haves in the financial world. Members want the option of managing their financial business without having to transact in the traditional way. We have to have it! Because if we don’t, there will always be those who will go elsewhere to get it.”

EPL, inc.
Brian Strauss, VP Implementations, EPL

“[eDOCSignature mDTM] was super easy to use! I really like the click/touch all the way through once you store your signature. Definitely easier to use than DocuSign, in my opinion.”

Chuck Gulledge, MBA, Certified Executive Coach, Chuck Gulledge Advisors

“Wow! Speed and ease of use – highest rating.”

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Tom Gryp, CEO Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

“Implementing the DocLogic Suite into our workflow will allow us to meet the evolving needs of our credit union members. Many of the modules offered in the DocLogic suite cater to a mobile demographic. Leveraging these tools will help Notre Dame FCU to retain and increase a membership that seeks to do their banking from the comfort of their home or office.”

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union
Scott Harriman, CEO, Cumberland County Federal Credit Union

“eDOC Innovations’ solutions give us a major competitive edge, not only operationally, but in convenience to our members. We have seen a substantial return on our investment since implementing their software at our credit union.”

Monroe Country Community Credit Union
Cassie Bezeau, Main Branch and Member Services Manager, Monroe County Community Credit Union

“Everything about the product is streamlined and in one place, which makes it much easier for my employees to do their job. Seriously, I love it.”

David Brooks, President, Texas Bridge Credit Union

“The best description I can provide is ‘slick’. This is a “game changer” for TXBCU. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in making this a reality! I think the possibilities of operational enhancement with this new service is exponential.”

Patty Fox, General Manager, Auto-Owners Associates CU

“Applying for a loan within Itsme247 and eSignature loan closings has been a game saver for our credit union, as we serve members in 26 states. Members are very satisfied and comfortable with this service. Extra bonus–positive loan growth in 2017 & 2018.”