Consulting Services

Over the past years, throughout the course of normal business, we often see that the credit union clients we serve do not have the understanding and skill sets to cope with the changing technological, social and economic landscape associated with electronic documents. Time and again we observe electronic document tactics strewn together without consideration for each other.

Many times, we have observed credit unions that may understand that the tactics they have today aren’t working well but just aren’t sure where to even begin. They languish about making recommendations to their boards for investment without the confidence that results and ROI will follow. Exacerbating this is the plethora of vendors that stand ready to sell them one off tactics and solutions without addressing the needs of the organization as a whole. Finally, we witness an absence of critical technologies and process in general. Without these efficiencies, credit unions cannot easily retain members and go on to attract new business.

The consulting team will help you create a roadmap and plan for the credit union on how to leverage electronic document tactics that will promote a culture and philosophy for your credit union. By achieving a culture and philosophy, you will enjoy higher operational efficiencies and increased accuracy that will lead to cost savings, improved member retention and new business opportunities.

  • Professional Services – Our e la carte program offers additional support services not currently included in your support agreement. Dedicated to the highest level of client service, eDOC Innovations’ historical 85% same day resolution rate speaks for itself and is highly rated among our owners and peers.
  • Training – eDOC offers intensive training on all our solution. Have a change in staff? Need refresher training? Not current on new releases? The training team at eDOC is ready to help.

For Consulting Services contact Karl Johnson at or call 800.425.7766 x 417.