• “eDOC’s e-signature and image management capabilities paired with our NS3 products offer a competitive solution for our clients.”

    Teri Van Frank, President/CEO of Share One, Inc.
  • “We are new to eDOC Innovations and have been very pleased with the product to date. Our core system is CMC FLEX, and things have been working great. The few members that we have tested this on have been very excited we are now offering this product.”

    Mitch Cobb, VP of Lending, Milway FCU
  • “We are loving the E-doc program. We have used it for more things than I even thought of when we were getting started.  Some of our long time members that are loyal to us that have since moved are very happy with the ability to stick with us and not have to travel just to sign a few things. It’s great. My lenders have all but bowed down in gratitude for making some of their loan applications so much quicker and streamlined.”

    Lisa Guajardo, President/CEO, Chadron Federal Credit Union
  • “eDOC is working great and a fantastic addition to our processing systems!”

    Robert Harns, President / CEO, Western Division Credit Union
  • “The best description I can provide is ‘slick’. This is a “game changer” for TXBCU. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in making this a reality! I think the possibilities of operational enhancement with this new service is exponential.”

    David Brooks, President, Texas Bridge Credit Union
  • “As credit unions, we typically do not have the resources to put a branch on every corner.  For our group of six credit unions, our ability to serve members through distance banking is critical to our growth. Mobile remote deposit capture and eDOCSignature are critical pieces in our mobile strategy. They are ‘sticky solutions’ that help us to draw in new members and keep our members with us in a competitive market.”

    Peter Barnard, CEO, rkGoBig CUSO
  • “I absolutely love it!” It has been a big help this week when we started our vacation promo. eDOCSignature® is helping us get the loans processed quicker without the in-and-out traffic our branch is used to. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is a life saver! My members love the fact they can sign whenever, wherever without visiting the branch. Also, the service we get from eDOC is awesome. They have always answered my questions and concerns within 15 minutes.”

    Haley Davis, Loan Officer, Alabama Law Enforcement Credit Union

remote execution & fulfillment 

Mobile enterprise, eSignatures and our remote closing and fulfillment capabilities are creating a new generation of opportunities for businesses who embrace the mobile revolution.

With mobile-empowered clients and members changing their business behaviors and seeking a digital experience, eDOCSignature mDTM® is empowering them to complete intuitive and safe digital transactions anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.

mDTM automation

Automate all digital transaction processes and image acquisition to create a mobile culture of digital document exchange that drives engagement and sustainability and increases closure of business opportunities.

Increase transaction automation and remove friction in the process. Digital transactions today have monetary value. Protect the value of your digital assets by adopting eDOCSignature mDTM today.

mDTM management

Our state-of-the-art management platform provides enterprise level management functions that empowers you to safely and securely manage your digital assets while upholding the highest of quality.

Manage digital transaction content, apply retention models, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Item processing, digital check, two day return and digital asset management.

we’ve got the solution for you

eDOCSIgnature it!

simplify onboarding

Manage your entire HR department in a fully digital environment. Human resource managers can transform the abundance of onboarding forms and tedious, repetitive internal document processes into digital transactions. Digitally managing all ongoing paperwork and forms for your employees will eliminate the cost and time printing, faxing and shipping them. New hires will appreciate the ease and convenience of your hiring process and your employees will love it!

eDOCSignature it!

make it anytime, anywhere 

Mobile driven solutions are a must-have and members and clients want the option of managing their financial business in a mobile environment. Capture the speed and flexibility of the digital world with a complete and transparent digitally enabled business process. Mobile enterprise and eDOCSignature are creating a new generation of opportunities for you to embrace the mobile revolution. eDOCSignature’s Mobile Enterprise Digital Transaction Management (mDTM™) platform gives you the competitive edge.

eDOCSIgnature it!

lending is better than pending

Now, in just minutes, any paper-based lending process can be automated to create a mobile lending culture for digital document exchange. Drive engagement and speed to closure. eDOCSignature’s mDTM state-of-the-art management platform provides enterprise functions that empower you to securely manage and preserve the quality of your digital assets. Deliver the speed and flexibility of the digital world with a complete and transparent digitally enabled business process. Automate form creation and send documents for eDOCSignature, anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.

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