eDOC Innovations Middlebury Vermont

About Us

eDOC Innovations is an ecommerce software development company specializing in mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) solutions, servicing small and mid-size financial institutions, universities, insurance agencies and small to mid-sized businesses. eDOC Innovations’ flagship solution, DocLogic®, provides a comprehensive digital transaction management solution that is deployed on premise or in software as a service (SaaS) model. This end-to-end solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing applications to remove friction in digital transaction processing and it speeds time to closure in a growing mobile economy.


eDOC Innovations Inc. was founded in 1992 in a spare office of the United Savings Credit Union, located in Antioch, CA, with the purpose of providing report automation for computer output to laser disk (COLD), a system that archives  data in an easily retrievable format. The company began a transformation to digital transaction management in 1998 with its release of Email-4-Statements®, a solution for electronic email delivery of account statements.  Since then, eDOC Innovations has continued its digital transaction evolution with ProDOC®, a digital transaction automation solution, and CheckLogic,® a check item processing solutions, both part of the DocLogic® Suite.  In 2005, eDOC Innovations expanded its development environment and began offering its solutions in software as a service (SaaS) model.

Areas of Business

  • Mobile eSignature Solutions
  • Digital Transaction Automation
  • Intelligent Electronic Form Acquisition and Processing
  • Advanced Check Processing
  • Digital Document Lifecycle Management
  • Paper Document Imaging
  • Internet and Mobile Banking Systems
  • Risk Management Products and Services

Mission Statement

eDOC Innovations is dedicated to becoming your trusted e-commerce provider for mobile enterprise digital transaction management applications. To meet the needs of mobile executives and consumers, we will design:

  • The industry’s best managed mDTM solutions!
  • Intuitive, integrated and usable solutions that ‘plug-into’ our customer’s business processes!
  • Solutions that are the safe regulatory choice for compliance and security!

eDOC is a CUSO

eDOC Innovations is a multi-owned credit union service organization (CUSO) that actively participates in the National Credit Union Service Organization (NACUSO), the cuasterisk.com network of CUSO’s, which aspires to the seven principles of Rochdale’s cooperative business model, and the Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX), organized to bring a standard of technology to the credit union movement by building products together.

Download the 7 Cooperative Principles Poster here.

Learn more about the cuasterisk.com network at:www.cuasterisk.com