eDOCLogic Suite of Products

As industries progressively move toward digital platforms and services, be empowered with solutions that embrace the electronic culture.

eDOC Innovations’ eDOCLogic Suite equips your business with a powerful, comprehensive, end-to-end content management solution for all your current and future technology requirements. Installed and managed on premise, your content is available and located at your facility. By integrating an electronic document management and processing system into your existing business workflow, employees will save time, reduce errors, and maximize productivity, all while decreasing operational cost. By eliminating the complexities of traditional document management systems, sales and member services employees can better assist your clients and members instead of searching through stacks of paper files in space reducing file cabinets. With industries growing mobile membership services,  members will benefit from our integrated, secure, and intuitive 2020eDOC Members Portal for remote check deposit, online transaction form processing, online document repository, statement and notice delivery, and mobile signatures.

A software tool for setting up a documentation management system

2020DOC is the software tool for setting up a documentation management system and is an integral part of any institution’s data management workflow. 2020DOC acts as an administrative tool and as an end user tool when used as part of the eDOCLogic suite of products. This robust program allows for the storage, retrieval, emailing and back scanning of documents. When used in conjunction with one or more eDOC Innovations’ capture products, such as ProDOC Forms or ProDOC Receipts, employee productivity and paper cost savings greatly increase.

idocVAULT is an easy to use browser interface that puts image content at your fingertips. The software allows for secure access to client information and account documents, such as cleared checks, client statements, and loan contracts stored in 2020DOC or Statements. This program is user intuitive for any level of user.

2020COLD is a desktop application for organizing, searching, viewing, and annotating report documents.

2020COLD is a desktop application for organizing, searching, viewing, and annotating report documents. It stores years of reports on network servers and centralizes them for easy accessibility. It features controlled access, encryption security, and can read and search text files across multiple directories.

2020eDOC is an intuitive, easy to use, portal where credit union members can manage their accounts

2020eDOC is an intuitive, easy to use, portal where credit union members can manage their accounts and documents, anytime from anywhere via a web browser. If using a remote deposit service, such as eDOC Innovations’ Mobile Deposit or Merchant RDC, members also will be able to view the status of their mobile deposits. 2020eDOC is encrypted and secured with multi-level authentication to ensure that the credit union member is the only one with access to their most personal documents.

eDOCSignature mDTM

eDOCSignature’s mobile enterprise digital transaction management solution (mDTM®) manages the entire lifecycle of a digital transaction in a fully digital environment. The solution automates and manages all paper-based business processes from form creation to sending documents for eSignatures, anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. Make the signing process faster and easier by sending documents electronically for remote signature. Click here to learn more about this robust product.

eDOCMobile Native RDC gives your credit union the ability to offer a remote deposit capture (RDC) service to your members. With eDOCMobile Native RDC, your member can securely submit checks for deposit via any mobile device anytime from anywhere without physically entering a branch.

ProDOC Solutions

ProDOC is eDOC Innovations’ workflow management system that automates the capture of all documents. Scan, create, interact and intelligently process all documents for ultimate storage and management. ProDOC is designed to improve teller-line and point-of-sale applications and includes features that automatically index transaction receipts, identification information and other documents to the captured image. Using an electronic signature pad, member signatures can be applied directly to the document and then printed or electronically delivered to the member.

ProDOC Packages creates institution-specific virtual file cabinets and verifies that all documents within the workflow are fully present and compliant prior to completion. ProDOC Packages automates all transactions your credit union performs, including loan processing, new account opening, collections, and allows departments to share access to documents and collaborate from any office.

ProDOC Forms allows for the design and capture of institution-specific fillable forms, digitized signature, and smart indexing intelligence to automate form processing and image management. Process lending, member service and operational needs electronically.

Automate teller line with ProDOC Receipts. Member transactions processed at the teller line are completed electronically with digitized signature pads.

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