After Hours Support

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I agree and understand: After-hours support shall be limited to support for customer transaction completion when effecting more than 1 workstation, check or payment processing, and other critical system functions in order for Customer to provide services to its own customers. eDOC agrees that its representatives will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to after-hours email requests within thirty (30) minutes of the request. After-hours requests services, which are not defined as outlined above, in the sole discretion of eDOC, shall be billable to the Customer at a rate of $250 per hour, or the then published after-hours rate, with a two (2) hour minimum. After-hours coverage does not include: a. Failure of the Software for scanning, indexing, importing, or capturing of documents, or Customer’s inability to retrieve documents; and, b. Failure of installation of the Software on workstations or servers at the Customer’s location; and, c. System configuration changes required to utilize the Software in, or in conjunction with, other third-party applications; and, d. Form or other system configuration changes; and e. Password resets; and f. Hardware failures.