CheckLogic Biz – Add a new merchant request

CheckLogic Biz – Add a new merchant request


CheckLogic Biz allows you to conveniently scan or deposit batches of items from your home or office. You can scan multiple items at one time. If there are any issues during the item scanning process, you can review and fix individual items before submitting them for deposit. Once an item has been deposited, you can view its current status as it is processed through the system by your financial institution. CheckLogic Biz is $25 per month per merchant and includes a Canon L1 check scanner. Credit Union software licensing and set up fees apply. You must have previously purchased CheckLogic Biz software to add a new merchant, if you have not and would like purchase this software, please contact our Sales Team.

Complete the CheckLogic Biz Merchant Configuration Request here

Max. file size: 128 MB.

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