Affinity Credit Union, based in Des Moines, IA, has partnered with eDOC Innovations to utilize its mobile digital transaction management platform, mDTM®, eDOCSignature, which is deeply integrated into the core data processing system, CU*BASE®, provided by CU*Answers.

“Affinity Credit Union is incredibly excited to partner with both CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations,” stated Affinity Credit Union CEO, Andy Fogle. “The most appealing parts of the partnership include the data analytics, forward thinking, and service we get with these CUSOs, and the on-premise digital transaction solution with a native e-signature capability from eDOC Innovations.”

The CUSO-to-CUSO collaboration has produced a deeply integrated digital workflow that removes friction in digital transaction process and reaches members in their diverse, mobile enabled lives. “The combination of these two companies will assist Affinity in making the financial lives of our members easier and more convenient. We look forward to partnering with these two great companies over the next several years!” continued Fogle.