When Alabama Law Enforcement CU began their Member Vacation Campaign this month, they employed eDOCSignature® to support their efforts. ALLECU’s management team acknowledged that members often had difficulty visiting the branch to sign for their Member Vacation flat fee, no credit check loan and offered online applications with e-sign capability. Utilizing eDOCSignature®, this Birmingham, Alabama credit union now completes the process with a quick remote e-signing experience with no inconvenience to the member and no increase in branch traffic. eDOCSignature® provides members and staff a secure, compliant e-signature platform for anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device execution.

“I absolutely love it!” explained Haley Davis, ALLECU loan officer. “It has been a big help this week when we started our vacation promo. eDOCSignature® is helping us get the loans processed quicker without the in-and-out traffic our branch is used to. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is a life saver! My members love the fact they can sign whenever, wherever without visiting the branch. Also, the service we get from eDOC is awesome. They have always answered my questions and concerns within 15 minutes.”

“As a CUSO and a trusted credit union partner, we strive to build technology that is beneficial to credit unions and their members,” commented Bret Weekes, CEO at eDOC Innovations. “Obviously, speed to transaction closure is important, but it also must meet the stringent regulatory requirements for a safe, secure and reliable delivery of digital transactions.”