Aragon Research named eDOC Innovations as a Hot Vendor for DTM in 2018 in their June 7th Research Note 2018-24 issue, “Who are the Digital Transaction Management providers and how will they evolve?” Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is the technology that fully automates the digitalization of document-based workflows and transacts the data between customers and organizations. Jim Lundy, CEO and author of the Research Note writes, “What makes eDOC hot is its full DTM set of offerings, including asset management capabilities offered by the eDOCSignature mDTM platform.”

“Being named a Hot Vendor in the industry is an honor for everyone here at eDOC,” exclaimed Jody Ciano, AVP of Market Communications at eDOC Innovations. “Our team works very hard to be a great partner by carefully listening to our market feedback. Our clients are responding that our solutions are intuitive and easy to use. We provide a robust API layer for integrators and a plug-and-play experience to deliver a safe and compliant solution to the users. By recognizing the new generation of opportunities for enterprises that embrace the mobile revolution, we built eDOCSignature mDTM to empower our clients to perform digital transactions in a mobile environment with their anytime, anywhere member expectations in mind!”

Who should consider eDOC’s eDOCSignature mDTM solution? “Enterprises seeking a mobile solution for Digital Transaction Management with the added benefit of safe and secure asset management should consider eDOC,” Lundy concluded. To read the full article, visit eDOC’s website.