Many credit unions are currently evaluating options for their Check21 and Item Processing needs.  Calcoe Federal Credit Union has recently implemented eDOC Innovations’ CheckLogic™ Suite for its ‘Direct to FRB’ Check21 and Item Processing needs.  eDOC Innovations, a technical partner, CUSO, and natural collaborator went to work with Calcoe FCU to implement it’s completely integrated solution for forward collection, in-clearing and return item processing, which addresses all aspects of the credit union’s check and item processing needs.

Leslie Johnson, President and CEO of CALCOE Federal Credit Union (assets over $18 million, with more than 1800 members), says “My staff is bombarded every day with so many systems that need their unique log-in and different styles of doing things.  I wanted to simplify the process and bring new and innovative solutions to our frontline ops.  eDOC Innovations was currently handling our receipt and ID scanning storage process and they seemed like the logical solution.”

CheckLogic (C21) users have the option of using eDOC’s universal settlement with the credit union’s choice of settlement endpoint or they can go direct to the Federal Reserve for their forward collection and in-clearing processing. The CheckLogic suite is the next generation of check processing technology, incorporating all aspects of a credit union’s e-Document strategy into an integrated solution.  “With the capabilities we have today, a credit union today is empowered to make choices from a list of great options available to them and to do it without being concerned about further account existing relationship disruption.  We believe this model is the future for credit unions.” commented Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations.