Community Resource FCU, a credit union based in Latham, NY, has decided to switch to eDOCSignature®. eDOCSignature provides a secure, compliant, e-Signature channel with document delivery exchange for both remote and in-branch document signing by credit union members. eDOCSignature provides credit unions with the opportunity to serve their members wherever they are.

Deana Harrington, Head of Operations at Community Resource, received great feedback from her team about the eDOC software. “While watching the training videos and conducting reviews on the eDOCSignature solution, many of my users commented how simple the software is to use,” noted Deana. “We appreciate the intuitive design of the software, and my staff did not feel that moving to eDOCSignature would be any problem at all. We are excited for this project and are looking forward to working with eDOC,” she concluded.

“One of my favorite things about our software is the feedback we receive from new and existing users,” commented Tim Wright, AVP of Sales at eDOC. “As a Credit Union Service Organization, we are constantly listening to what our peers are saying. I often have the opportunity to provide direct feedback from credit unions to our Development team regarding what those CU’s like or dislike about our solutions. This feedback directly affects future enhancements and development of the software. It is very exciting to be a part of something that so many people use and benefit from,” added Wright.