MIDDLEBURY, VT and MIDWAY, UT “ June 27th, 2011
According to eDOC Innovations, its credit union clients are now processing member loans without members setting foot inside the branch.

City County CU (45K members, $288M assets) is one of these clients which recently added ProDOC Packages™ and eDOCSignature™ to their list of DocLogic products. According to Nancy Bourdon, Chief Information Officer at City County Credit Union in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, “All of our consumer loans can be done strictly over the phone, through the web or on a mobile device like an iPad. This allows for a quicker loan process without the hassle of mailing applications to a member™s home for a signature”.

Bourdon also says the loan process is more than just a signature; it™s an opportunity for growth. “We™re able to process more applications in less time using ProDOC Packages™ intelligent transaction packaging and workflow. This will enable us to increase our volume of funded loan accounts and thus create a better flow of business through our credit union”.

City County Credit Union is also planning to use ProDOC Packages™ and eDOCSignature™ for more than just loans. They foresee integration into the storage of legal documents transmitted to members, and internal forms used by the credit union itself.