CU*Answers Imaging Solutions in partnership with eDOC Innovations announced Auto-Owners Associates Credit Union (Lansing, MI) and MUNA Federal Credit Union (Meridian, MS) as the winners in their “Race to be the 1st Place eCloser” contests. The contests ran for one year from October 2017 until September 2018 and measured the percentage of all the competing credit unions’ booked loans that were completed via eSign using eDOCSignature™ from eDOC Innovations. The purpose of the contest was to spur credit unions to create a culture of working electronically with remote members so the member can benefit from the convenience while the credit union earns from their innovation.

Auto-Owners Associates, competing in the online imaging vault solution contest, won $10,000 for first place finishing with 100% of all loans booked completed via eSignature. “Applying for a loan within It’s Me 247 Online Banking and eSignature loan closings has been a game saver for our credit union, as we serve members in 26 states,” said CEO Patty Fox. “Members are very satisfied and comfortable with this service. Extra bonus—positive loan growth in 2017 & 2018. A big thank you to CU*Answers and eDOC Innovations in making this happen for our credit union.”

MUNA likewise won $10,000 for 1st place in the in-house imaging vault solution contest with 87% of all their loans being completed via eDOCSignature. eDOC CEO Bret Weekes said: “The success of Auto-Owners Associates CU and MUNA FCU is a tremendous accomplishment and I’m delighted with their achievement to leverage the cooperative value of the CUSO as a network designed business that can provide access to key technologies not previously available to the credit union. It is a big win for the credit union and the member-owners.”

John Beauchamp, VP of Imaging Solutions for CU*Answers added: “These were great contests that motivated credit unions to sharpen their skills with the tools necessary to work with remote, on-the-go members. It was fun to watch as credit unions competed and collaborated and learned to earn from these tools. I think many credit unions for the first time began monitoring their activity in this area and it was insightful to them. And thank you to eDOC for equally contributing to the prizes and helping drive the value of our joined solutions.”