CU*Answers has teamed up with eDOC Innovations to provide credit unions an inexpensive option to archive their corporate documents. Documents like board minutes, HR files, insurance policies, contracts and committee minutes will be able to be stored in a secure location apart from the credit union’s member data. Including a small computer, scanner, and specialized software, this service will allow credit unions to scan documents into the system where they are encrypted at rest and safe from prying eyes. With robust search capability authorized staff can quickly locate documents.

Once incorporated into the credit union’s retention schedule and business continuity and disaster recovery plans these documents will remain safe from physical peril and unauthorized access and can be easily maintained. The feature also includes the capability to create DVDs of the data should credit unions wish to store copies offsite. John Beauchamp, CU*Answers VP of Imaging Solutions said: “Why should corporate documents be left behind in a credit union’s imaging strategy? It’s understandable that credit unions don’t want to mix member data and corporate data in the same system so we created this solution and now they don’t have to.” This solution will be available in late June 2016.