Delta County Credit Union, based in Escanaba Michigan, recently installed their first scanner to begin using CheckLogic Lite™, the remote merchant capture software from eDOC Innovations. Delta County serves over 11,000 members in Escanaba and surrounding areas.

Brenda Lippens, President & CEO of Delta County Credit Union says, “We installed the scanner at our first business this morning and are up and running! They were very impressed with how easy it was to install and use”. Lippens also discussed the ease at which a small business was able to utilize the scanners for deposits with a credit union of their choice, “They were really excited about this option because they are currently using another financial institution for their banking in the area because we don’t have an office there.  Now they will have the option of having all of their finances with us”.

CheckLogic Lite™ enables small businesses to do deposits remotely. This frees up time that would otherwise be spent visiting their local credit union to submit deposits. CheckLogic Lite™ offers an easy installation guide, making the processing of switching to remote capture simple, and efficient. “We see this as a very valuable capability to attract more deposits and develop more business opportunities”, says Lippens.