Department of Labor Federal Credit Union (DOLFCU) is removing obstacles in servicing mobile members with eDOCSignature. Designed to automate the digital transaction business process, eDOC’s eDOCSignature mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) solution provides state-of-the-art automation and management capabilities for all the credit union’s digital transactions.

“DOLFCU is driving efficiencies by digitizing their loan and member document processes. That vision is also creating disruptive innovation that is creating new opportunities for the credit union with their members,” comments Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations.

Joan Moran, CEO of DOLFCU noted, “eDOCSignature is accelerating our loan closing process. I’ve used eDOCSignature and, Wow! It is just so easy to use. That is what we are looking for with our members, an experience that is obviously simple and easy.”

“Digital transactions in our mobile world are opening doors for credit unions. As a CUSO, we want to provide every credit union access to technology that will impact their future sustainability. eDOCSignature is doing that for DOLFCU as they go to work on retaining their members who are incredibly busy in an extremely competitive Washington D.C. market. eDOCSignature’s remote closing capabilities creates a new generation of opportunities for them,” Weekes concludes.