OSHKOSH, WI – February 19, 2015

Through a deal signed last week, the northeast Wisconsin-based marketing agency, Chatter Yak! will begin handling social media and public relations for eDOC Innovations over the course of the next year. Chatter Yak! has received national attention for the success of its innovative, cost-effective marketing campaigns, achievements to count alongside the new partnership with eDOC. Based in Middlebury, Vermont, eDOC Innovations is a leader in core image processing, with 20 years of experience providing technology solutions to nearly 1,000 financial institutions nationwide.

Chatter Yak! has historically supported credit unions and community banks, and the deal with eDOC represents a new, complementary niche for the group’s services. Both companies work to help local financial institutions meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

“Chatter Yak! has had tremendous success tapping into new marketing channels,” said Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations. “Just as they’ve helped financial institutions engage their members via social media, Chatter Yak! can help us find new ways to reach a greater number of people.”

Bryce Roth, President and Co-founder of Chatter Yak!, added to the statement: “Our goal is to support local banking, and we’re excited to begin collaborating with other companies in doing so.” More than a simple business partnership, the deal between eDOC and Chatter Yak! sends community banks and credit unions a positive message: “Our teams are passionate about giving local financial institutions the tools they need to stay relevant,” Roth added. “We’re working together to ensure that they remain key players in the marketplace.”