Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations met with CU Broadcast’s Mike Lawson at the Cooperative Credit Union Association Conference to discuss the trends surrounding eDOCSignature, a mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM) platform and the mobile member’s culture. “Digital transactions are a big part of the mobile economy and we statistically are seeing members embrace them at a very rapid pace,” commented Weekes. “We are working a lot in this area, working with credit unions to do digital transactions that yesterday you had to go into the branch to sign for.”.

When asked by Lawson, “What are you finding credit unions experiencing in this area?” Weekes reported, “Our statistics show that 40% of credit unions aren’t electronic today, and we think that is a big problem for our industry. We are dedicated to help that segment of the market get digital.” eDOCSignature is designed to remove friction in the digital transaction business process, providing a state-of-the-art automation and management capability for all of the credit union’s digital transactions.

“Remote execution, remote fulfillment, that is a big key for credit unions,” said Weekes. Both leaders noted that business requirements for credit unions doing transactions electronically are rapidly changing, noting that mobile enterprise and remote closing capabilities are creating a new generation of opportunities for credit unions. To watch the video with Weekes’ mobile tech stats go to: