eDOC Innovations announced today it has partnered with CU*Answers Network Services, a leading network solutions integrator, to develop and deliver a virtualized appliance of for its DocLogic™ eDocument strategy solutions. The virtual solution will accelerate the deployment timeframe of the DocLogic™ suite and will provide scalable performance as clients expand their internal e-document strategies. The new virtual appliance will also provide superior availability with continuous backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

“Our clients are embracing virtualized infrastructure at a rapid rate and the reasons are obvious,” explains eDOC Innovations CEO, Bret Weekes. “A virtual system is flexible in ways that physical boxes aren’t. This design will give our clients flexibility to tailor the deployment to the architecture they already have deployed without incurring extra expense of dedicated hardware,” comments Weekes.

The virtual appliance is hardware agnostic and portable across computing platforms. It drastically simplifies disaster recovery and is compatible with most existing VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.  “With the eDOC virtual appliance solution, you’re not only simplifying and more quickly delivering this best of breed electronic document solution, you’re greatly easing systems management considerations by using a virtual appliance” says Matt Sawtell, AVP of Managed Technology Services at WESCO Net. “This solution also scales backup and recovery options from a continuous network based back to true high availability” comments Sawtell.