eDOC Innovations (EDI), a CUSO serving over 400 credit unions nationally with its widely known e-Document strategy solutions announced that committed revenues for the fourth quarter of 2009 fiscal year exceeded expectations by over 170%, pushing its year-to-date revenue goals in excess of 80% of projections.  Numerous credit union clients have engaged in collaboration services with EDI, which include contracted software, hardware and professional services.  (eDOC’s fiscal year ends September 30 each calendar year.)

“As a CUSO, we have an obligation to our owners and peers to bring the best products and services available in the market place to any credit union.  Being a CUSO speaks volumes to the credit union community because we are as vested in the credit union as much as it is vested in us; that has lead in large part to our success,” explains Jared Christiansen, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “More than just ideology, we are showing that the CUSO model works for our clients.  They recognize value as they use the solutions and collaborate in innovative ways, giving them greater confidence in the future despite the uncertain economic climate.”