eDOC Innovations (EDI) announced it is enhancing edocument strategies by expanding its service for digitizing tax form documents. For years, EDI has digitized tax forms for a number of clients who display year-end tax statements to members through the 2020eDOC member portal. For the 2009 tax year, eDOC is expanding this service offering to all clients who would like to have member tax forms in electronic form.
EDI has gone to great lengths to make the process very simple for the Credit Union. The Credit Union supplies a copy of its electronic IRS reporting file (which, by law, is generated for the IRS each year) to EDI. EDI then returns the completed electronic form images to be imported into the Credit Union’s archival database. Like other statements, these images can be shared online via the 2020eDOC member portal or retained at the CU for internal research or regulatory purposes.
The cost for the service is $750 per tax form type or $1500 for all tax form types on the entire annualized IRS reporting file. The service includes tax forms reported to the IRS by Credit Unions for member accounts including 1042S, 1098s, 1099s, 5498s and their derivatives. EDI also provides the service for past years allowing Credit Unions to retroactively digitize legacy tax documents. For more information, contact a Customer Service Representative or Account Manager to arrange for the service starting in January of 2010 for the 2009 year-end report.

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