The e-signing process for documents has been around since Congress enacted the ESIGN Act in 2000. However, when eDOC Innovations, A CUSO based in Middlebury, Vermont surveyed the industry, and particularly its clients, it discovered that approximately 40% of credit unions were utilizing a solution, a problem for credit unions today in a mobile economy. This less-than-half adoption rate can be attributed to not satisfying the need of financial institutions; the process needs to be automated.

As promised to its CUSO owners and peers, eDOC has gone native with its eDOCSignature platform, which is simple to use, secure, and addresses the need for automation in serving mobile-empowered members who now do their banking digitally on their phone; signing documents and performing transactions easily on their mobile device through eDOCSignature.

eDOCSignature is a digital transaction management system for our world of mobile enterprise, built specifically for credit unions. CEO Bret Weekes said: “eDOC Innovations values simplicity, security and your time and money, just like you do. eDOCSignature’s legally compliant mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) process securely and affordably powers an efficient digital process. You can reach your members anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. eDOCSignature reduces friction in transaction processes by making transactions digital and automating how you exchange and sign documents with your members.”