eDoc Innovations thanks our peers for a successful Annual Peer Meeting! On June 15th Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC, conducted eDOC’s first Annual Peer Meeting.
Attendance increased by three hundred percent, with attendees joining eDOC in person in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as via a webinar to discuss market
trends, e-Document offerings and eDOC’s vision in our current financial market.

“When the going get’s tough, the tough get going!” –Clint Eastwood “Let’s ‘get going’ on creating services which reflect the image of our members and says to them ‘It’s Me.’ Many people believe credit unions, as an industry, have reached the apex of our lifecycle whose inevitable destiny is an unmanageable decline. However, I believe the reality of our market is in fact the reciprocal,” Weekes enthusiastically related. “It is our challenge as credit unions and peers to seize the ‘unprecedented changes’ occurring in the financial market and shape them into opportunities to grow loyal credit union members and the breadth of the industry.”

Weekes presented steps to a successful game plan which can be tailored to each credit union’s needs during this upsurge of change in the current market; 1) Accept that the world is changing, 2) Determine to make a change, and finally 3) Collaborate! Weekes continued to humorously related, “I was raised in a small little hick town in a jerkwater part of the country and I was taught, When the going get’s tough… the though get going.” With a ‘peek under eDOC’s hood’ Weekes was joined by Jared Christiansen, Director of Sales and Marketing, who presented eDOC’s vision on ROI and eDOC’s capacities, as well as novel tools and services to assist our peers in creating a robust e-Document strategy; a strategy which will increase and support every portion of your operations, ultimately allowing peers to adapt to the changing social passions, and turn opportunities of the current financial market into fusible realties.

View presentation slides at: http://edoclogic.com/wp-content/uploads/peer_meeting__09_test2.pdf

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