eDOC Innovations, a long-time proponent of eliminating data silos, recently signed agreements with three credit unions to consolidate document management systems that were obtained via a merger or replaced by newer solutions. By consolidating systems the cost of maintaining multiple systems and its inherent operational inefficiencies are eliminated, thereby providing a greater ROI to the credit union.

“In the last 60 days, I have had the opportunity to work with three credit unions who maintain five different systems containing legacy data. All of these systems will be converted to our flagship product, DocLogic,” stated Mark Fierro, Executive Vice President of eDOC Innovations. “In most cases, we will be able to do the complete conversion with no assistance from the source system’s provider and at a lower cost than they would charge to simply export the data.”

If you have a system that you are still maintaining, give eDOC Innovations a call. “ECM system conversions have long been a core competency at eDOC. Over the past 15 years, eDOC has converted systems from nearly all providers in the credit union market space,” asserted Fierro.