With credit unions facing competition from traditional banking and new emerging competitors in the FinTech arena, eDOC Innovations continues to develop solutions that specifically address the needs of credit unions to conduct digital transactions anytime, anywhere. Two recently released products, eDOCSignature and eDOCMobile RDC, are paving the way for credit unions large and small to benefit from the efficiency and high level services that these solutions can provide to their members.

“We are thrilled with the level of market acceptance and disruption that we are causing,” stated Mark Fierro, executive vice president at eDOC. “eDOCSignature and eDOCMobile RDC solutions are available to credit unions at a very attractive price point and provide credit unions and their members with an easy to use solution that can be quickly implemented. Mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM™) is no longer a nice to have solution, it is the critical component that will allow credit unions to remain competitive and relevant in the coming years. As a CUSO, eDOC develops solutions that make a difference for our owners and peers. Stay tuned for our next round of products, already in our development cycle.”

eDOC announced that 30 credit unions completed agreements for eDOCSignature and eDOCMobile RDC in the 4th quarter of 2016.