What began as a fun event to promote employee health and well-being and to get their people moving, eDOC Innovations’ No Lazy Days in May Step Challenge turned into a highly accelerated and motivating competition. With PTO as the grand prize incentive and a charitable donation, eDOC Innovations’ staff walked nearly 8 million step during the month of May.

“We wanted to hold an event that would promote a healthy life style and build comradery. When two staff members proposed the idea of a step challenge, we let them run with it. We were sincerely dumbfounded by the remarkable level of participation and competitiveness demonstrated by our employees. One of our steppers reported a weekly total of over 120 miles for the week!” said Mark Fierro, Executive Vice President of eDOC Innovations.

During the five-week challenge, employees were encouraged to set and reach individual goals for daily and weekly step counts. To sweeten the pot and shake things up, eDOC provided various prizes along the way and randomly selected two double days for participants to ramp it up for a double day score.
At the awards ceremony and luncheon following the competition, gold, silver and bronze medals were presented to the three highest individual scorer and the highest team scorers. As part of the activity, eDOC is making a contribution to Relay for Life in honor of the winning scorer and most inexhaustible stepper, Ramon Cano, Programmer Manager for eDOC Innovations. On average, each participant walked more than 50 miles a week.

“I didn’t win this competition,” concluded Fierro, “but I’m really looking forward to No-Shave November, where I definitely stand a chance for the gold!”