eDoc Innovations announced the successful implementation of their own merchant capture solution, CheckLogic™ Lite,  within their own internal operations. In collaboration with Corporate One Federal Credit Union, eDoc’s internal accounting team utilizes their own high-quality remote deposit and check capture solution to electronically forward all client payments to Corporate One Federal Credit Union for deposit.

eDoc’s CheckLogic™ suite employs advanced MICR reading and image character recognition (ICR) programs to perform a scan of MICR and non-MICR information on checks. Additionally, the ICR software enables CheckLogic to incorporate critical account or transaction information not printed on the MICR line during a single pass of the document so it passes through a scanner only once. CheckLogic™ integrates with eDoc’s imaging system, DocLogic™ for secure retrieval and report balance and retrieval.

“eDoc has an attitude of participation with its peers and owners.  As a result, we naturally feel we should not only develop e-Document strategies but that we should use them and lead the innovation through our own use of the technology,”  Comments Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDoc Innovations.  “We utilize our own technology now not just in our accounting and client service departments for document imaging but now also with our remote deposit capabilities, we can electronically submit our checks to Corporate One Federal Credit Union completely electronically.  This allows us to have and maintain relationships which were not feasible for us previously, continues Bret Weekes.  Credit unions can benefit from remote deposit capabilities through utilizing CheckLogic™ Lite, regardless of whether they utilize any other eDoc solutions.