eDOC embraces cooperative principles, supporting both the national credit union community they serve and local community where they live.

Christmas is a time that should be filled with joy and merriment. However, it can sometimes become stressful when worrying about providing for your family. This year, the staff at eDOC donated several gifts to a local family that had recently fallen on hard times.

“Despite the recent major life changes that have taken place for me and my children, this was probably the best Christmas the kids ever had. The look on their faces when they saw everything Santa gave them brought me to tears of joy that are hard to explain. I want to thank the entire staff at eDOC Innovations for changing this Christmas for me and my children, making it the most memorable one we will probably ever have,” stated the matriarch of the family.

“Each year, we try to do four community outreach events. I am humbled by the generosity and sense of community responsibility that I see from the team at eDOC,” added Mark Fierro, CEO of eDOC Innovations.