As part of eDOC’s effort to empower credit unions by offering sticky technology to the industry, they embarked on a 2019 campaign to introduce eDOCSignature to small credit unions nationwide at significantly reduced pricing. A credit union service organization (CUSO) based in Vermont, eDOC’s intent was (and still is) to relieve the burden of high technology costs for credit unions that otherwise have difficulty affording those tools. The Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA), which shares similar goals with the CUSO, invited eDOC to this year’s MSCUA Forum as one of the technology presenters. eDOC attendees enjoyed an opportunity to discuss the industry’s need for an eSign solution and interact with influential Mississippi credit union leaders and their MSCUA advocates.

“By offering small credit unions an affordable way to move into the digital transaction space that provides many cost saving benefits, we are helping them grow and succeed. Credit unions operating with a small footprint face so many challenges in their day-to-day operations. Size should not hinder their desire to introduce technology that will help sustain viability and lead them into a successful future,” expressed Mark Fierro, eDOC’s CEO and the author of the eDOC campaign. “That MSCUA noticed our efforts in assisting smaller institutions is a testament to us being on the right track.”

MSCUA Senior Vice President Tom McWilliams and his team recognized eDOC’s efforts and graciously welcomed them as part of MSCUA’s Small Credit Union Forum. They also invited eDOC to join them at their next annual meeting to be held in Biloxi. With this kind of warm and southern hospitality, the event is indeed something to which eDOC should look forward.