eDOC Innovations has been a strong proponent of electronic signatures in the credit union market space for more than 15 years. In March, Mark Fierro, Executive Vice President of eDOC Innovations, attended the Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) Winter Meeting in Atlanta, GA and was appointed Chair of the ESRA Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) and Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Public Policy groups.

To further promote the use of electronic signatures within the financial services industry, the ESRA Public Policy groups, chaired by Fierro, will be reaching out to the FHLB and FRB to better understand the current position of the banks and encourage them to develop consistent policies promoting their support and acceptance of eSignature documents as collateral. Other public policy groups created at ESRA will be focusing on universal acceptance of e-notary and remote notarization.

“Financial service companies recognize significant operational and member service improvements with the use of eSignatures. The acceptance of e-Chattel will provide them with an important source of liquidity from the FHLB and FRB. I encourage our owners, partners, and peers to get involved with ESRA and make your voices heard on these important issues,” stated Fierro.