eDOC Innovations reached 100% on a recent survey taken of clients from across the nation. Each month eDOC Innovations gives a survey following every support ticket opened by clients. For the month of August, eDOC reached their goal of providing excellent customer satisfaction and service.

Mark Fierro, Vice President of Client Development for eDOC Innovations says, “Quality service is paramount to the success of eDOC innovations just as it is to our credit union peers. Our client services team is dedicated to providing professional and courteous service to the hundreds of credit unions we support. Every web based support ticket allows for clients to submit feedback on their experience and we contract an independent third party to conduct surveys on those support tickets.”

As a provider of ‘go green’ paperless technology, eDOC utilizes various tools to create an open door for their clients to reach eDOC service professionals. Whether online, over the phone, or via a go to assist atmosphere, eDOC prides itself on being a client facing corporation.

eDOC surveys its clients for more than just a statistical background. “The results are not just filed away or listed in a board report. We use this feedback to further develop our team and learn “What we could have done better”. Let us know about your experience, we look forward to hearing from you!” comments Fierro.