As a cooperative organization based in Vermont, eDOC Innovations strives to give back to the community. This is especially true during the holiday season when eDOC helps local charities with food donations to make a positive impact on the community. Given Vermont’s high cost of living, sometimes ends just don’t seem to meet no matter how hard people work. This year, eDOC sponsored Thanksgiving dinner for two families. The staff brought sides and desserts, and the company provided the turkeys.

“With mother nature wreaking havoc across the country, this year was especially hard for some families. Vermont did not get spared, and we felt the need to step it up. We have a diverse group of people working at eDOC, and we all know some families that may be down on their luck. So, we reached out to two families that needed a little extra help. One family had their home completely washed downstream, ending up in a wastewater treatment facility. Unfortunately, they were not able to salvage anything (not even a single picture!). Through community involvement, the family was able to find a temporary home while they attempted to pick up the pieces and move on,” explained Dillan Fierro, a member of eDOC’s Activities Committee.

“The families we helped could not have been more grateful. In fact, one family asked if we were certain that no one else needed the help more than themselves. The entire experience was incredibly humbling and showed how every person here at eDOC cares about the community and people around us,” added Fierro.