eDOC embraces cooperative principles and welcomes the opportunity to serve its community.

Christmas is a season that should be filled with joy and merriment, especially for young children. However, it can sometimes become stressful when dire circumstances are unavoidable. Such is the plight of a family consisting of a single mom and two children ages 8 and 4. This mom has been unemployed for some time, and as if that was not enough, she recently recovered from COVID.

The family came to the attention of the CUSO just a few days before Christmas through contact with a local school system. In a matter of days, eDOC staff rallied to provide essential and fun gifts for the children, culminating in delivering the items just two days before Christmas. The school reported a teary-eyed parent who was awestruck with such generosity of strangers she had never met. “When we called her in, she had no clue that she was to receive 2+ full boxes of gifts of toys, clothing, and other items for her children,“ stated the school principal. “In a matter of an instant, the parent’s face turned from concern to elation, joy, and hope for her children. This family will have Christmas this year, thanks to the generosity of the entire staff at eDOC Innovations for their example of humanity by the generous act of kindness they have shown.”

“As we focus on the spirit of the season, we often find opportunities to seek out individuals and families who are quietly suffering. These are the ones who would go about their lives, not expecting anything because they have been accustomed to getting by with nothing for a long time,” commented Joseph Lao, VP of Sales and Marketing at eDOC. “Equally touching and amazing is the ready and willing hearts exemplified by each staff at eDOC. To be among these coworkers makes for a great place to work.”