With credit unions recognizing the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices and mobile driven solutions in the financial world, eDOC Innovations is experiencing an upsurge of credit unions onboarding to their eDOCMobile RDC platform. The CUSO announced today, they are currently serving over 150 credit unions that provide mobile remote deposit capture to more than 110,000 members.

“eDOCMobile RDC is well suited for the mobile lifestyle of members who prefer to do their banking online. Members want the option of managing their financial business without having to transact in the traditional way. With eDOCMobile, members securely submit checks for deposit via any mobile device anytime, from anywhere without physically entering a branch,” stated Jody Ciano, VP Marketing.

Mark Fierro, interim CEO of eDOC Innovations added: “In March 2019, more than $7 million in check deposits were completed via eDOCMobile RDC. It is exciting to see the solution bring real benefits to our credit union owners and improve the member experience for tens of thousands of members on a monthly basis.”

eDOC provides mobile banking application developers with a robust API and dedicated support to help them along the way. All transactions are transmitted with multi-layer security. Multiple business rules can be applied globally or at the member level. Advanced check processing capabilities such as Restrictive Endorsement and photo safe check detection are available.