As they “walked the walk” in their efforts to abide by the 7 Cooperative Principles, eDOC employees embarked on a 5-week step challenge, No Lazy Days in May, to help address community concerns over animal cruelty and shelter issues. The drive ended on June 5 with a total group effort of 6.4 million steps, or about 3,176 miles, raising $500 for the Homeward Bound, Vermont’s Addison County Humane Society.

Ramon Cano, a perennial top-3 achiever of previous drives and a winner in 2016, topped the event with 689,912 steps and garnered the top honors. He was followed closely by Dillan Fierro with 645,546 steps and Karl Johnson, at 498,124 steps. Jody Snow, who helped organize the drive felt the event was a perfect activity to break the doldrums imposed upon by the pandemic. “It’s a great start to becoming physically active again, as societal restrictions ease, and a great way to support our community in the process,” said Snow.

Homeward Bound is an independent open admission shelter dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of homeless, abandoned and abused/ neglected animal. They serve an average 900 animals per year, making a difference in the lives of so many animals.