eDOC Innovations’ scholarship initiative is saving credit unions thousands of dollars every year. The initiative aims to provide credit unions eDOCSignature®, eDOC’s e-signing platform, during conversion from other providers and start-up periods. The goal of the initiative is to alleviate the burden of switching providers while adding value to credit unions and their members through a secure, easy-to-use, integrated digital transaction management solution.

Already in 2018, eDOC has provided $21,000 in scholarships through the initiative, opening the door for credit unions who have previously not had a solution and others wanting to utilize the solution. “We are really excited about the scholarship program available to new CUs,” said Tim Wright, account manager at eDOC. “Through this offering, credit unions can use all the new features of eDOCSignature without any additional up-front costs. “Additionally, the scholarship program gives credit unions more time to get their new processes and documentation in place without any interruption to current workflows. The CUs that have taken advantage of this program like the ability to expand their existing product offerings and enhance their mobile member signing experience without the hassle of additional expenses or waiting for their current contracts to expire.”

The scholarship initiative aligns with eDOC Innovations’ mission to promote cooperation among CUSOs and credit unions. Advocacy for credit unions and their members has always been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of eDOC’s effort to add value to the industry.