eDOC Innovations clients will gain new automation in their software licensing system this coming year. In a commitment to enhanced security, eDOC software license code updates will be transitioning to an automated process through a newly developed license code distribution system, eUpdate. With this capability, future customer license codes will install automatically within five business days after renewal confirmation without human involvement or intervention.

Tim Wright, Manager of Support Services, explains, “Updating license codes will be simple and more secure through automated updates. As the year continues, we will be releasing additional functionality to eUpdate that will facilitate automated upgrades to existing applications and centrally managed workstation configuration files.”

eUpdate will be an essential part of eDOC’s service standard, enabling its client service team to address support questions in a highly effective manner. “We are excited to offer this solution and are confident it will make the system more secure and easier to manage. I look forward to future developments of eUpdate as the year progresses,” concludes Wright.