eDOC Innovations, a CUSO providing electronic document solutions and services to over 400 credit unions, announced in December 2010 they would once again be offering electronic tax forms to their peers. Credit unions across the country have utilized this service and published these documents to their members via the Member Document Portal, known as 2020eDOC.

One of eDOC’s Member Document Portal users, Mazuma Credit Union, who currently services over 52,000 members in the Kansas City area said of the portal, “eDOC’s Member Document Portal, 2020eDOC, has enabled our credit union to deliver all tax information online to our members,” says Gordon Gregory, VP of IT at Mazuma CU.

“Integrated with our home banking platform, 2020eDOC, provides 24/7, secure access to our members and accomplishes two strategic objectives for our credit union.  First, it brings our members closer to the credit union and makes Mazuma top of mind when they have to make a financial decision. Secondly, it eliminates calls into our call center from our members needing additional copies of tax forms … which is critical as April 15th approaches. Ultimately Mazuma’s usage of eDOC’s Member Document Portal is all about having world class member services,” concludes Gregory.