eDOC Innovations has recently announced that Frankenmuth Credit Union (23,000 members and 11 branches) has implemented ProDOC Packages™ and eDOCSignature™ both are modules of the DocLogic™ product suite that is designed to enable the customization of an electronic document package for any department or process within the credit union.

Debbie Bauer, the Sales and Service manager at the credit union, states “It™s a great system. The ProDOC Package keeps everything organized through the loan and audit processes and takes the guess work out of the process by listing the required documents and at a glance enables the staff to identify which documents are pending and which are complete.  Electronic document packaging is very accessible and eliminates the need for any couriers in the process.  Also, if we need a signature we can email the member a document through the process for an electronic signature. ProDOC Packages provide piece of mind to the staff from the beginning of the loan process to the end audit process.”