There is more inside the eDOC Innovations CUSO box than many people ever thought. Imagine a network of CUSOs where all partners collaborate and leverage their affiliate resources on a singular technology platform. A network in which all affiliates bring their innovative efforts together to build the credit union business at a fraction of historical costs. Stop imagining- the network is out of the box and currently serving more than 600 credit unions nationwide.

eDOC Innovations, an active participant in collaboration with the network joined affiliates last week in Grand Rapids, MI for the 2009 Partner Meeting. All eight current network partners pursued collaborative analysis of the previous business year and maturing processes of the network. “We see our involvement in a broad collaborative effort to bring credit unions solutions to Get them in the game faster, easier and more competitively as a key element of our CUSO.” States Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations. “Sometimes we do things in the industry, not because we believe it will deliver direct sales but because we have a commitment to help credit unions build their business through collaboration and network business design. “Weekes continued. network partners discussed possible network plans for the 2010 business year, and emphasized efforts in developing the resources of the affiliate partners, (eDoc Innovations, CU*Answers, Xtend, WESCO Net, Lender*VP, CU*Northwest, CU*South, and Processing Alliance). With competitive expertise in e-document management solutions, eDOC joins with affiliates in their belief that innovative network collaboration will help credit unions build their businesses and retain their members during this pivotal time in the financial industry.

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