Ironworkers USA FCU, a credit union based in Portland, Oregon, is an early adopter of e-sign technology who relies upon remote signing for quick turnaround times during their lending process. When negotiating to renew their expiring e-sign contract, the credit union encountered a drastic renewal price increase that made them look elsewhere. Given eDOC’s disruptive pricing and collaborative philosophies, the credit union elected to replace their existing e-sign solution with eDOCSignature® integrated with FLEX core. eDOCSignature® provides a secure and compliant e-signature channel with document delivery exchange for both remote and in-branch document signing by credit union members.

Teri Robinson, CEO at Ironworkers and the driver of technology among her credit union peers, explained her decision to switch. “Much of our success in the industry is a result of strategy and the proper use of technology that drives our business process. When the cost of technology gets to be prohibitive, like in the case with our last vendor, you have to re-evaluate your partners/vendors and determine a course of action. With eDOCSignature®, we get to continue using e-sign technology at a much lower price point. And working with a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) adds a layer that was absent in the previous relationship.”

“As a CUSO and a trusted credit union partner, we strive to build technology that is beneficial to credit unions and their members,” commented Mark Fierro, CEO at eDOC Innovations. Obviously, having a speedy transaction closure is important; but the process must also meet the stringent regulatory requirements for a safe, secure, and reliable delivery of digital transactions at a reasonable price point. With the credit union and FLEX as our partners, everybody wins!”