Credit unions everywhere who signed up for eDOC Innovations’ free eSign offer are starting to see the benefits of eDOCSignature and love how it increases operational efficiency. One such benefit is the rapid turnaround time on getting documents signed by members. Credit union staff can closely monitor all activity and progress of the transaction.

KIT Federal Credit Union was an early adopter of the free eDOCSignature offer. Now that the offer is more than halfway over, eDOC has started to reach out to participating credit unions to discuss their plans. When they reached out to Andrea Maxwell, Executive VP at KIT FCU, and asked if she would like to continue using eDOCSignature, she did not hesitate to respond. “Yes, we want to keep using eDOCSignature! We love it. Our loans have increased because the solution has made the process so much easier. We do not participate in indirect lending, but this software makes up for that because the turnaround time is so much quicker now. Thank you.”

With high usage rates and responses like this, it is only a matter of time before everyone discovers eDOC Innovations. The CUSO looks forward to continuing to serve those who took advantage of the free offer.