Lakeview Credit Union, based in Neenah, WI recently added ProDOC™ Packages document workflow with eDOCSignature™ to their DocLogic System. The implementation of ProDOC™ Packages is the second phase of a three phase workflow management project for the credit union. Lakeview’s phased approach to their eDocument strategy was created to prevent staff and members from being overwhelmed by operational changes, and to ensure an efficient implementation aligned with Lakeview’s budgetary strategy.

Phase one of the implementation consisted of getting the hardware and software infrastructure set, along with implementing 2020DOC (document scanning module), 2020iDOC (browser based software for the staff), ProDOC™ Receipts (automation of the paperless receipts process) and ProDOC Forms (automation of the forms process). In phase three Lakeview will be implementing 2020eDOC the member document portal leveraging phases one and two.

Phil Jankowski, Project Leader at Lakeview Credit Union developed the phased approach to implementation with eDOC and comments, “We recognized the ongoing aspect of an active e-strategy to make the credit union more efficient and appealing to the next generation of members. Mobile capture and teller capture will be on the horizon and another phase in the ongoing e-strategy process.”