Maple Federal Credit Union based in Lafayette, LA, has chosen to implement eDOCSignature® integrated with FLEX core as their new e-sign service. eDOCSignature provides a convenient way for credit union members to view or sign documents from any location where those members can access their email. All eDOCSignature document deliveries are performed in a secure user-friendly environment.

Pamela Stelly, CEO at Maple FCU, loves the new system’s response time. “The response time with eDOCSignature is much better than with our old provider. Generally, we wouldn’t get updates in our system for at least 30 minutes,” said Pam.

eDOCSignature provides email updates to all parties involved in the signing process within minutes of a document being completed. “This has been a big hit with users switching from other providers,” said Joseph Lao, eDOC manager of sales and business development. “When you couple a quick response time with outstanding client support, it’s no wonder so many credit unions are switching to eDOCSignature.”