Monroe County Community Credit Union, in Monroe, MI, implemented eDOC Innovations’ new Mobile Enterprise Digital Transaction Management (mDTM®) automation capabilities including Active Directory Integration for their DocLogic system. New capabilities for mDTM address technology changes and rapidly advancing mobile demands on users, who need these tools to make their job simple and more efficient.

“As a CUSO we have listened to our CU partners and one of the requests they made is Active Directory Integration to speed the digital transaction process to closure,” said Tim Wright, Manager of Client Services at eDOC Innovations. “We know the pain of managing security in multiple systems and the time lost due to password lockouts and adding and deleting users. These enhancements really contribute to helping our owners and peers’ efficiency and usability,” Wright continued.

Jon Burkey, Network Technician at Monroe County Community Credit Union, praised the enhancements: “The Active Directory Integration has been absolutely phenomenal. The fact that users no longer need to remember their password is an obvious plus, and having the ability to automatically sign into all areas of the DocLogic Suite is something that we were very excited to implement. It’s materially cut down on troubles users were experiencing when they would lock themselves out of the system.”

“The benefits accrue for both staff and member; we gained efficiency in both providing receipts and other documents to the member, as well as our research and presentation for receipts and documents in the system. The Active Directory integration was very easy to set up for us, requires next-to-no maintenance, and has really made the system much easier. The benefits of implementing Active Directory Integration with eDOC’s products are immense,” added Burkey.