MCCCU-staffTo meet the current needs of their members and to operate more efficiently, MCCCU, based in Monroe, MI, upgraded their e-documentation strategy by implementing eDOC Innovations’ DocLogic Suite, a powerful, comprehensive, end-to-end content management solution for their current and future technology requirements.

Staff and management prepared for the conversion by utilizing eDOC Innovations’ online educational portal, eDOC University, to access a library of training videos. eDOC Innovations’ training specialists also were on hand at the time of the conversion to conduct practical training simulations focusing on managing a workflow electronically, automating transactions and digitally signing documents. MCCCU’s enthusiasm and curiosity was readily apparent:

Cassie Bezeau, Main Branch and Member Services Manager: “I love the eDOC system! Everything about the product is streamlined and in one place, which makes it much easier for my employees to do their job. Seriously, I love it.”

Terri Hutchinson, MSR: “I am excited about using the single document automation. Currently we have to write on the forms. My handwriting is not that good so filling them out electronically is much better.”

Melissa Wilson, Teller: “Accounting will love it! We will be able to send them an electronic document instead of completing a document by hand and then mailing or sending it to them to process. We can simply complete it and save it electronically. They can then pull up the document and process it.”

Lori Marsh, Lending Manager: “I like the ability to automate the workflow between departments. eDOC will save us time and paper (forests of trees)! Also, it will preserve member confidentiality and safeguard their information since paper is not being created and can easily be discarded, lost or stolen.”

By integrating an electronic document management and processing system into your existing business workflow, employees will save time, reduce errors, and maximize productivity, all while decreasing operational cost. To learn more about eDOC Innovations’ DocLogic Suite visit: or call at 800-425-7766 Option 3.