CU*Answers, in conjunction with e-DOC Innovations and WESCO Net Web Services has launched a new site to assist credit unions in better understanding the e-document management solutions available to them.

The CU*Answers CUSO provides data processing and ancillary services to 165+ credit unions across the United States, ranging in size from 200 members to over 60,000. Recognizing that not all credit unions may want or be able to afford a comprehensive e-document management package, CU*Answers offers its “CU*SPY” Vault (powered by eDOC Innovations) directly integrated into CU*BASE for capturing receipts, loan forms and photo ID’s. This option is low maintenance, easy to implement, and inexpensive.

For credit unions looking to implement a more comprehensive solution, CU*Answers works with its network partner, eDOC Innovations to provide two other options: eDOC Online, or an eDOC Inhouse Vault. Credit Unions also have the option of choosing an alternate 3rd party for its e-document management needs. The new website provides information and disambiguation of the various e-document solutions, to make it easier for credit unions to choose the best-fit option. The site is based on Wesco Net Web Services WordPress with SiteControl platform as a Content Management System and benefits from features such as site search, contact forms, and RSS feeds. For more information, check out the site at

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